News - Update Nov 2017

Jan Nederveen Pieterse's "Changing Constellations of the Southeast Asia" (Co-Edited by Abdul Rahman Embong and Siew Yean Tham) is now available on Routledge



Jan Nederveen Pieterse is Mellichamp Professor of Global Studies and Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His areas of specialization include globalization, development studies and cultural anthropology, and his work focuses on new trends in twenty-first-century globalization and the implications of economic crisis.

Jan serves on the editorial board of Clarity Press, the Journal of Global Studies and Global-e, and is associate editor of the European Journal of Social Theory, Ethnicities, Third Text and the Journal of Social Affairs. In addition, Jan edits book series on emerging societies (Routledge) and new trends in globalization (Palgrave Macmillan). His most recent books include Multipolar Globalization: Emerging Economies and Development, China's Contingencies and Globalization (edited with Changgang Guo and Debin Liu), and Changing Constellations of Southeast Asia: From Northeast to China (edited with Abdul Rahman Embong and Siew Yean Tham). 

Jan Nederveen Pieterse