Jan Nederveen Pieterse

2018 Institute of International Relations, Brics Policy Center, PUC-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Critical Approaches to Development August 6-10

2018 University of Granada, Interdisciplinary social sciences: Keynote July 25-27

2018 ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto: "Author Meets Critics: Multipolar Globalization" Session: Re-organizing Globalization July 15-21

2018 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Asian Studies: ‘From Bactrian Camels to the Belt Road—Historical and contemporary ruminations on China’s Westward Pivot’ April 12-13

2018 International Studies Association, San Francisco April 4-7

2018 The New Populism and the Politics of Dissensus: A Symposium, Indiana University, Kokomo: Populism is a great distraction March 29-31

2018 California Institute of the Arts, School of critical studies, MA Aesthetics and Politics—West Hollywood Public Library: Contemporary art/contemporary globalization February 2

2017 Occidental College, Los Angeles: Multipolar globalization February 14 

2017 UCSB Global Studies, MA: Research Design, Synthesis February 16

2017 University of Utah, World Languages: Reorganizing globalization March 2-3

2017 Macau University, Communication: Hybrid China March 19-21

2017 Hong Kong Baptist University, Global Society: Critical global studies March 22

2017 Sun Yat-Sen University, International Studies: Reorganizing globalization/deglobalization March 23-26

2017 Shanghai University, Center for Global Studies: Multipolar globalization March 26-28
2017 Los Angeles, Getty Villa, Panel: What Can the Ancient World Teach Us About Globalization? June 7

2017 Chiang Mai University, Thailand: Reorganizing globalization June 30

2017 Chulalongkorn University, Global Network, Centennial lecture: Reorganizing globalization & ASEAN Studies Center: China and Southeast Asia July 4-5

2017 Moscow University, 5th Globalistics Conference, Plenary: Doing Global Studies September 25-30

2017 San Marcos University, Lima, Peru: Contemporary art/contemporary globalization & Doing Global studies October 12-13

2016 UCSB, Workshop on Inequality: Inequality, a multicentric approach, February 26 - 27

2016 UKM, Kuala Lumpur: Configurations of Southeast Asia, March 11-17

2016 International Studies Association, Atlanta, GA March 17-20
NYU Global Institute Advanced Study workshop, Keynote, April 14 - 15, 2016

2016 Fudan University, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Shanghai: China and the middle-income trap, June 20

2016 International Sociological Association Forum, Vienna Plenary Chair panel Contention in 21C, July 13 - 16

2016 UKM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Configurations of Southeast Asia, July 18-26

2016 Long Island University, Global College: Video Seminar on Global Studies, August 8

2016 Maastricht University, Opening MA Globalization and Development, September 13-14

2015 UCSB, Mellichamp Global Dynamics chairs celebration: Globalization Gangnam style, February 5

2015 UCSB Political Economy, Stephan Miescher, Ghana Discussant, March 6

2015 Bristol University, Centre for East Asian Studies Public lecture: Capitalisms in rising Asia, May 14

2015 Château Cérisy-la-Salle, Normandy: International Symposium on Social TheoryRetooling social theory in the age of multipolarity, May 16 - 18

2015 Paris, Centre de reserches mondiales (CNRS), Tribute to Ulrich Beck May 19

2015 PRC Workshops, UKM, Bangi, Malaysia June 5 – November 27

2015 University Malaysia Sabah, Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage Public Lecture: Globalization and Asia rising, September 9

2015 University Malaysia Sarawak, Faculty of social science, Public lecture: East Asia—Mind the gap, September 11

2015 Makassar, Sulawesi, conference on regionalism Keynote: Globalization, regionalism and Asian trends, September 18 - 23

2015 HELP University Graduate school, Kuala Lumpur, Public lecture: If China is ok, Asia is ok, October 8

2015 World War Two Revisited, UKM conference, Keynote: US hegemony in perspective, October 9.

2015 Seoul National University, Asia Center: Capitalisms in Asia, Keynote: Capitalisms East and West: A Comparative Perspective, October 22 - 23 

2015 IKMAS workshop retreat, Port Dickson, East Asia—Mind the gap October 25 - 27

2015 UKM, Bangi, Malaysia, PRC public lecture: Goodbye Miracle 8, November 24

2014 Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Global and Regional Studies, October 14-15

2014 XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology At Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, July 13-18
7th Global Studies Conference Shanghai University, June 19-21

2014 What happened to the Miracle Eight? Looking East, 21st century. Pok Rafeah Chair public lecture. Bangi, UKM Press

2014 Democracy is coming, keynote at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 

2010 Global Rebalancing: Cultures of Crisis. Maastricht University, Inaugural Address

2004 New Modernities: What’s New? American Sociological Association, San Francisco

1997 Global Futures, Seminar, # 460: 46-55

1987 The Rhodes-Milner Group Lobster, 13: 4-10

1986 The Washington - Tel Aviv Connection: Global Frontier Management Uno Más Uno, July 13